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OnCommand System Manager not showing newly available space


Hello everyone, 


I spent most of this morning freeing up unused Luns and Volumes on my netapp (NetApp Release 9.0P4), When I started OnCommand System Manager said that my Aggregate had 6.03TB avaliable. After removing about 5TB of luns/volumes OnCommand still says I only have 6.03TB free.



1. Does it take OnCommand time you resync and show the newly avaliable storage?

2. Is there something I can run from the command line to see the True storage?

3. Is there something else I need to do to rescan the storage? 


I'm a little gun shy as this is our production storage and I only work on it once in awhile. 


Thanks for the help. 



Re: OnCommand System Manager not showing newly available space


I found how to show what volumes are slated for deletion - looks like the retention time is 12 hours. 


#enter diagnostic mode
set diag
#get volume offline
vol offline -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name
#delete volume
vol delete -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name
#purge all deleted volumes
volume recovery-queue purge-all -vserver vserver_name

Thanks to biglab for the information. https://www.biglab.club/how-to-purge-deleted-volume-on-ontap-9-x-netapp-immideatly/


I just ran volume-revocery-queue show and decided to wait the 12 hours. 


Hope this helps someone else 


Re: OnCommand System Manager not showing newly available space


From ONTAP 8.3 onwards there is an option called Volume Recovery Queue. After an volume is deleted, ONTAP keeps it in Volume Recovery Queue instead of deletion so that we can easily recover deleted volume if we do it by mistake. After some time (based on settings 12-24 hours) ONTAP deletes volume and then only you can see the free space. To delete the volume from recovery queue as well, need to go to diag mode and do the deletion. You can read in below link.









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