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OnTap 9.5p5 rename svm netbios name


We're running OnTap 9.5p5 and we want to modify the cifs name (netbios) of an existing svm after transferring data from a 7-mode system.  Are we able to do this without deletion of existing shares on the svm?  For instance 7-mode system cifs name is A1, we transition data from A1 to svm cifs name B1, after data migration we delete svm cifs name B1 and recreate it as A1.  


Re: OnTap 9.5p5 rename svm netbios name




There is no need to delete existing shares on SVM 'B1'. In cDOT you can use 'netbios' feature to add 'netbioses' to existing SVM.


As I understand your scenario:
7-mode vfiler = A1
cDOT vserve = B1


After migrating CIFS shares from A1 to B1, you can simply add 'A1' as netbios alias to 'B1' and stop the old CIFS service.



Pre-requisite: enable these two options:

::> set adv [Go to advanced mode]
::*> vserver cifs options modify -vserver B1 -is-nbns-enabled true
::*> vserver cifs options modify -vserver B1 -is-netbios-over-tcp-enabled true


1) First check if there is already any existing netbios-aliases for the given vserver:
::> vserver cifs show -vserver B1 -fields netbios-aliases

2) Now, add old CIFS server as netbios to the 'B1'.
::> vserver cifs add-netbios-aliases -vserver B1 -netbios-aliases A1


3) Verify if it is added:
::> vserver cifs show -vserver B1 -fields netbios-aliases


Wait for couple of minutes...


open Windows command prompt and ping added netbios:
C:\Users\Administrator>ping A1

4) Next thing, you need to make sure 'SPN' is set correctly otherwise 'kerberos' will break and users will login via NTLM security.

Have a user, who is a member of Domain Admins, run the following from a command prompt: Set SPN for A1 (7-mode cifs) to B1 (cdot cifs):


WIndows promt:
setspn.exe -S HOST/A1.domain.com B1
setspn.exe -S HOST/A1 B1


To verify: [A1 should be seen added]

setspn -L B1


5) If you could (possible) then bounce the vserver.
::> vserver cifs stop -vserver B1
::> vserver cifs start -vserver B1

6) Access the CIFS shares via \\A1

7) check the 'auth-mechanism' it should say 'kerberos' if it is using Active Directory authentication or it will be NTLM. Anyway this is additional information I thought its worth sharing.

::> cifs session show -vserver B1 -fields auth-mechanism



(I did this on 9.1, but it should apply to 9.5 as well, rest you can figure it out)

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