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OnTap C-Mode and VXLAN/NVGRE

Hello All,

I was wondering where the NetApp road map sits with regards to VXLAN and/or NVGRE and the ability to assign the TenantID to the vservers interfaces? Is C-mode aware, or is that an upcoming feature?

The reason I ask is for scale. Say I wanted to assign a vserver per tenant, I would want to assign thats interface to the vxlan/nvgre ID.




Re: OnTap C-Mode and VXLAN/NVGRE

Good question -- I'm looking into this.

Re: OnTap C-Mode and VXLAN/NVGRE

Hi there,

Can I ask what you are using for your NVGRE gateway?

The reason I ask is that I'm implementing  Flexpod with Hyper-v 2012R2 and currently investigating my options for NVGRE gateway.

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