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Ontap Powershell - Update-NcVserver question


**DISREGARD**  The issue was resolved by using 'Rename-NcVserver' instead. I had missed it somehow when checking the powershell commands.

Hello everyone,

  I am having some trouble with the Netapp Ontap Powershell toolkit - namely the Update-NcVserver command. I am able to connect and pull my SVM info, and I am able to pull the template info and save it into 'Query' and 'Attribute' strings. The problem is when I run the command and get a successful output, nothing is changed on the SVM. I am attempting this in order to automate a large environment where we have many SVMs that are out of our standard and need to be corrected. Any thoughts or things I should check? I do get the 'successful' output and a list of SVMs acted on (currently only 1 for testing purposes), but the SVM is not changed when looking via CLI or GUI.