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Ontap Select 2-Node Mailbox Creation Failed with "Entry Does Not Exist"


I'm trying to create a 2 node cluster on ESXi 6.5u1 with Ontap Deploy 2.6.1 (9.3) on local storage in the nodes.


The virtual switches are vDS but I also tried using standard vSwitches as a test without any luck.


I can step through all the deployment options without issue and the network testing also completed.


However, after it deploys the node it fails when creating the cluster.


The error is 


status': 'failed', 'current-status-message': "Error during external mediator mailbox setup for local node NODE-1, Reason: entry doesn't exist", 'is-complete': 'false'}]


I'm not seeing any errors before that.  I can ping all the node IP's.  And I've tried several different network configs (like combining the managment/data networks and seperating) 


Any thoughts?  I did some seraching on netapps KB's but did not see much at all.



I have resolved this.


It was our NSX install blocking traffic.