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Ontap Select Performance Guidelines




I'm wondering if anyone has some specific or general impressions of Ontap Select performance? 


I've read through TR-4517 which does have some rough benchmark data but doesn't include any latency or IOPS stats.


I'm also surprised that TR-4517 recommends one giant raid LUN.  It seems to me that placing the NVRAM partition on its own flash might be very good for write preformance.


Compared to VSAN, is it possible to get a very high preformance Ontap Select setup? 


Obviously alot of it has to do with the underlying disks but VSAN can be very fast.  Just wondering if Ontap Select could meet the same performance levels given the same underlying disk structure. 



Hi Matt,

Unfortunately, we do not have comparative performance benchmark against VSAN. Secondly, please note that the HW RAID controller for Select must support a 512 MB internal battery-backed or flash (SuperCAP) cache. V-NVRAM (virtual NVRAM) implementation on Select get the benefits of HW RAID controller cache. We have not seen any material gain in performance when placing the NVRAM partition on its own SSD as opposed to HW RAID controller cache.





Thanks for the follow-up.


In regards to preformance though, can it support high preformance. 


So in general terms, will ontap Select using the same number of drives as a comparable FAS2550 be 50% slower, 10% slower ?


Just trying to quantify if it is possible to sustain good preformance assuming the underlying disk structure is good.


Or is the syncmirror and virtual overhread alot?