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Ontap Select and trial license for SnapDrive


I am aware of the Ontap Select trial.

I want to test  SnapDrive on Windows servers with iSCSI storage running on Select. 

In this scenario I need a license for SnapDrive

I have tested the same scenario with the simulator thereby the simulator does not require a license.

Anyone can help me how to get a SnapDrive trial license when running Ontap Select?


Arnstein Fuglemsmo


Re: Ontap Select and trial license for SnapDrive




SnapDrive for Windows as standalone product has reached end-of-availability. Further, SnapDrive for Windows is nearing it's end of support - In other words, you can only continue to use SnapDrive as supported product if you have existing SnapManager products which are with in the supported period. SnapCenter is the way forward as alternatives to these solutions. (In any case just for info: SDW license is not available as part of Simulator license package, you must get in touch with NetApp SE or Account Manager to get a eval/demo key).


As I understand, you want to test it with 'ONTAP Select'. I haven't worked with 'ONTAP Select', but in general we check the Interoperability matrix to evaluate if the two components can work together. I don't see 'Select' in the IMT table at all.


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