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Oplock Command




I'm running Data Ontap 8.2.1 Cluster-Mode and have a particular volume/share that I would like to disable oplocks on.  From what I've read oplocks can be disabled at a share level and I would like to know as to whether the following command looks correct:


vserver share properties remove -vserver vserver_name -share-name share_name -share-properties oplocks


If someone could reply that would be much appreciated.







vserver cifs share properties remove -vserver vserver_name -share-name share_name -share-properties oplocks


Hi jshacher11, many thanks for your prompt response.


Sorry that was a typo on my behalf, my bad, but very well spotted.


So the command without the typo looks good?


Is it possible just to turn it off for the entire volume rather than just a share?


the command looks fine


you can set it on the entire volume or just a share



If oplocks are enabled on the volume containing a share, but the oplock share property for that share is disabled, oplocks are disabled for that share.

Disabling oplocks on a share takes precedence over enabling oplocks on the volume. Disabling oplocks on the share, disables both opportunistic and lease oplocks. You can enable or disable oplocks on existing shares at any time