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Patching new trunk LAG


Hi Folks,

We have a FAS 8200 cluster (9.5P9) that is currently using a single 2 port data interface group  (per node) on an isolated switch dedicated to VMware storage.


Our goal is to add another 2 port data interface group that is for general purpose data SVMs (NFS and CIFS) which may be on any of a number of VLANs.  


As such we need to physically patch 4 new 10Gbe connections to the FAS, 2 for each node, which will all become members of an interface group (or do we create 2 interface groups, one per node?), which will be part of a switch LACP LAG configured as trunk ports.


We'll then extend a number of vlan tags onto those 4 ports from the switch and create those vlans on the interface group.


Then we can move on to creation of SVMs.


Did I miss anything in the above steps?  This all seems like it'll be perfectly non-disruptive to our existing VMWare isolated storage network interface groups, right?




I did create a mock recipe for this if it helps explain what I'm attempting:






Re: Patching new trunk LAG


Hi there!


Yes - it will be non-disruptive - assuming you're using different VLAN tags etc on each set of links. 


To answer your question - you create one ifgrp per controller, and likewise on the switch side, you create a channel group per controller for this new ifgrp.


Your github document is a good start - you probably already have an a0a on each node for the existing ifgrp - so you may use a0b for a new one. Personally I used to call node 1's ifgrps a1a, a1b, a1c etc, then node 2 would be a2a, a2b etc - but that's up to each admin. Once the ifgrp is created, and ports added to it, you then create broadcast domains, as per https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.netapp.doc.dot-cm-nmg%2FGUID-92011B2B-B3EE-4860-B9B0-1868D2966A7F.html and then create LIFs for SVMs inside those broadcast domains.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Patching new trunk LAG


Thanks AlexDawson,

I'll continue to work on my runbook for this task - will be taking it on tomorrow evening hopefully.  Appreciate it!

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