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Performance Manager Volume Latency


I'm new to c-mode, unified manager, & perf. manager.


I have a FAS2552.

I'm running 8.3.2


I have one volume (approx 200GB) used for NFS on the cluster with not many IOPS.


I'm getting latency alerts in performance manager for the following policy:


Object Type: Volume

Object Counter Condition* Avg Latency ms/op Warning: 20 Critical: 30


Thresholds must be crossed for at least* 5 Minutes



The volume is reporting critical errors because the latency ms/op for this volume averages 274 with a high of 743.


I break down the details and discover that the source of the latency is being caused by the 'Network Processing' Cluster component.  All other components are contributing 0 to the latency.


My read/write latency is < 0ms 


IOPS avg around 100.





(CPU isn't doing anything either.)