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Performance monitor, error monitor etc in NetApp 8.2.1 ONTAP

Dear All,

I am new to Netapp. I want few documents and steps to monitor 'performance analysis', 'throughput', 'any error', 'hardware and software validation and verification' etc in NetApp 8.2.1 ONTAP. Please help...


Performance monitor, error monitor etc in NetApp 8.2.1 ONTAP

1. We can use "Oncommand Balance" Tool but graphical view is not that useful. If anyone want accurate number for IOPS performance then we can follow the below steps.

   We are having only "Oncommand Balance" Tool. below steps from my own prespective. We may have better option.

2. "qos statistics performance show" and "qos statistics workload characteristics show". Remember before running these "qos" commands, check "system timeout show" (UNIT:- MINS)

   It should be enough to capture the Output. We can also use another option :- "Managing CLI sessions (cluster administrators only)" refer in System Admin PDF.

3. Copy the output in Excel sheet and Choose "Text to Column". Now we can use "Filter" option, "Largest to Smallest or vice-versa" option

   to check Maximum/minimum IOPS of all LUNs or particular LUN, Average of IOPS of all LUNs or Particular LUN (=AVERAGE) in Exceel sheet.

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