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Perfstat for Windows GUI

Hi Gurus,


I am trying to setup perfstat untility on a windows admin host. When I run perfstat comamnd I get following error on windows

"Perfstat v7.39 (4-2013)

RSH to filer amsdc1-na-p512.europe.shell.com fails! Quitting."


When I tried to enable RSH on Filer ( 8.2.4P6 7-Mode) it throws below error.


Filer> options rsh.enable on
error: cannot change option, rsh is disallowed.


Please help. is there a way I can run perfstat with out rsh enabled as an alternate option. We do not have any unix based admin servers unfortunately.



Re: Perfstat for Windows GUI

Can you please provide the output of below commands :



options rsh 


options rsh.enable on

Re: Perfstat for Windows GUI

Hi Shuklas,


Thak you. I followed  the perfstat setup documentaion in inlcuded in the perfstat download bundle, using the openssh method for windows,  and it worked. No need of enabling rsh now. 



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