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Planning DR with Flex clone



We have 2 node cluster in production as well as in DR site at 2 diffrent locations. Quterly we perform DR test activity with a bunch of volumes. However, we dont disturb the existing snapmirror setup between production and DR site. Rather, we create new snapmirror relation between existing DR volumes (say DR1, eg. vol_test_DR1) with newly created DR volumes (created for DR purpose only..say DR2, eg. vol_test_DR2. Means, DR site = DR1 volumes + DR2 volumes...We create new volumes in DR site, create snapmirror relation of them with existing DR volumes and destroy the volumes once the DR test activity is over.)  Now, as the environment is getting older, aggregates are getting used day by day and customer doesnt have a plan to invest in new disks right now.


We have only 20TB of space left in all the aggregates in DR site, wherein we have to create DR2 volumes for 50TB data. We are planning for Flex clone in this case. As this is a point in time copy, we would have to create all of them at the night before our activity, which is tough.


Here, I need the sugestion if there is any alternate way to use the flexclone in smother way or if we can include all the volumes in a script and run flex clone, what will the template of that script?



Joy Mukhopadhyay.


Re: Planning DR with Flex clone


Hi there!


NetApp systems allow rich managability using Powershell - please see our whitepaper on powershell scripting at https://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-4475.pdf and a FAQ for getting started at https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_get_file/ECMLP2581761


Or you can setup SSH keyauth and run the commands from a shell script on a linux system.


You can also integrate all this with our workflow automation (WFA) tool. WFA might come with a simple template to do this, but otherwise - you'll need to earn your dollars on this one 🙂

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