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Possibility of "importing" stranded-foreign aggregates from ADP-RD2 to a new system


Hello people

I am here asking whether it is doable what i am going to explain.


Customer has a AFF-A300 system with just one disk shelf DS224C with ADP-RD2 deployed.


Due to the size of current root-partitions, it is not possible to make a Hardware controller upgrade using ARL (Aggregate ReLocation).


So, my thinking is to sell a new AFF-A700 with only 6 new SSD for both new root aggregates (aimed for both nodes).

And after that, take the disk shelf DS224C that is connected to AFF-A300 two nodes, and hook it up to this AFF-A700.

And after that, in maintenance mode, discover the 24SSDs units from DS224C, assign the partitions accordingly to A700 nodes, and import them (data aggregates) assuming they are in foreign status (or similar).


In reality, i don't care much about old root partitions; what i do mind is the data-partitions because  i dont want losing information (luns/vols).

is my thought doable in ONTAP9.9.1?


it has been many years back since i dont issue CLI commands. So, i prefer asking first how doable is my plan of actions.


Thanks in advance






Connect the extra disks to the A300. Use the root-migrate command to migrate to whole-disk root first

Then do the ARL


I pretty much like your idea @TMACMD 


is it not going the A700 nodes to be claiming about ARLocating ADP-RD2 partitions (root and data per A300 controller)? 

any special boot option to enable in A700nodes after migrate-root and before ARLocating  in order to detect/assign those partitions mentioned?


surely theorically, it does not pose any inconvenience, but i prefer asking first


Thanks a lot