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Powershell - how to get Protection Policy details from the Source Cluster/Volume?




Does anyone know if there's a PowerShell command to obtain the defined Protection Policy (e.g. MirrorAllSnapshots) at the source NetApp cluster end (i.e.. In PS connect to the source cluster, read all the volumes and report on the protection policy configured for each one).

In the GUI, this would be Storage / Volumes /  <click a volume with DP> / Data Protection / <read Destination Cluster, SVM, Volume, Type, Policy>

Then if that is possible, it would also be great if there was a powershell command to report on Protection Policy config (again at the source cluster.


In the GUI, this would be Protection / Protection Policies /  <click a Protection Policy> / <click Edit> / <read Policy Type, SnapMirror Label(s) and Destination Retention count(s)>


Any pointers to a Powershell command that provides me this would be great.


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