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Powershell modules to remove snapmirror does not clean base snapshot


I have below code


Invoke-NcSnapmirrorRelease -Source $vsm.SourceLocation -Destination $vsm.DestinationLocation -Confirm:$false -ErrorAction Stop

 Remove-NcSnapmirror -Source $vsm.SourceLocation -Destination $vsm.DestinationLocation -Confirm:$false -ErrorAction Stop


when i remove the snapmirror relationship it does not remove base snapshot  , the relationship type here is DP between two different cluster.


is there any option I am missing here?


I am running above two from remote cluster side




The Powershell command does the same as running "snapmirror release" on the command line. It is standard behavior that the base snapshot remains on the volume. You will have to delete it yourself afterwards.

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