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Provisioning new added nodes


we just added two nodes into the cluster.


Any rules should I consider to provisioning new aggregates? We have vmware/datasotre, NFS for Linux, and home. I know this is a very generic questions, are there any rules, or just follow the same way as we did to existing aggrs?



Some of the list of things when I add nodes below...  specifically for VMware over nfs, if you vol move, then re-home and move the LIF dedicated to that datastore..  If a new datastore volume, also create a new lif for that datastore.


•    Match ONTAP version
•    set non-UTA2 ethernet ports to no flowcontrol
•    match options settings (ip.fastpath for example)
•    Setup autosupport (node specific, not a cluster setting)
•    Setup date/time/ntp (pre 8.3 it is a node, not a cluster setting)
•    make sure "cluster ha show" is false (>2 nodes) - should be automated
•    ping cluster test
•    create aggregates
•    create volumes
•    rename root aggregates to naming conventions
•    resize vol0
•    create interface groups
•    create VLANs
•    add interfaces to broadcast-domains / failover groups that apply for lif failover
•    add interface to portsets for SAN
•    modify reporting-nodes for selective lun mapping as needed.
•    create lifs/set IP addresses (and add to load balancer or dns round robin / ns records)
o    LIFs for Vservers (Ethernet and FCP ports)
•    assign failover groups to lifs (should be no change here unless new LIFS and SVMs)
•    Create additional LS/DP mirrors for SVM root to the new nodes.
•    Load balance existing volumes