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Qtree not showing under vfiler in DFM


I have created a new vfiler and provisioned first nfs volume in that (other than vfiler root volume). Now the problem is, DFM is unable to detect this nfs volume and just shows the root volume in the list of volumes in DFM.


filer011> vfiler run vfiler_01_011 df -g nfs_share_01_011

===== vfiler_01_011
Filesystem               total       used      avail capacity  Mounted on
/vol/nfs_share_01_011/     1420GB        0GB     3839GB       0%  /vol/nfs_share_01_011/
/vol/nfs_share_01_011/.snapshot        0GB        0GB        0GB       0%  /vol/nfs_share_01_011/.snapshot

filer011> qtree status -v nfs_share_01_011
Volume   Tree     Style Oplocks  Status    Owning vfiler
-------- -------- ----- -------- --------- -------------
nfs_share_01_011          ntfs  enabled  normal    vfiler_01_011
nfs_share_01_011 qtree_nfs_share_01_011 unix  enabled  normal    vfiler_01_011


More interesting is when I check the base filer 'filer011'  in DFM it shows qtree of this volume listed in it ' qtree_nfs_share_01_011' (not in the vfiler)


Steps I tried so far -


1. Deleted and added vfiler

2. Refreshed Monitoring many times

3. Checked the 'Diagno

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