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Question about Cluster mode Snapvault - retention


Hi all,

I have two 2520 in two seperate locations. They both are running 8.3.2.
In 7-mode I created several setups with a small number of snapshots on the primary and a larger number on the snapvault side.


I am trying to recreate this in C-mode.

So I have one volume on SAS disks on the primary.

I created a schedule for hourly, daily and a few weekly snapshots. I labeled them hourly, daily and weekly.

I can create a snapvault policy using these labels and assign a different (longer) retention.


Now, here is my question, Can I also create monthly and even yearly backups on the snapvault side?

I do not have the space on the primary to keep monthly and yearly backups.


Retention overview:

Primary: 48 hourly; 7 daily; 2 weekly

Snapvault: 14 daily; 8 weekly; 6 monthly; 2 yearly


Thanks for your thoughts and answers!









Yes, you can have yearly backups as well.  Extended retention rules apply to longer term retention, such as weekly full backups, monthly full backups, and yearly full backups. refer http://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-3920.pdf

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I know CommVault en SnapProtect very well.
This is a NetApp only solution...





Just to have the actual information searchable from the forum:

Apart from SnapCreator Framework, SnapDrive, SnapManager and SnapCenter do not control SnapVault destination retention.


SnapVault updates triggered by Software use labels, and the destination SVM's snapmirror policy or type mirror-vault or vault is the one that determines each label's number of snapshots to retain (a retention by age is not possible).

Retention is applied on update by ONTAP, and any not yet transferred snapshots with that label will be transferred if they are newer then the most recent snapshot.


XDPDefault is essentially an example, but you can create multiple (mirror-)vault policies with different retention settings for different relationships.