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Quota Status alarming via DFM/OpsMgr


Configuration in /etc/quotas:

*       tree@/vol/nfs_volumename   500M    -       250M    -       -

Outpout of quota report:

vfilernfs@filer10> quota report /vol/nfs_volumename/qtreename

                                 K-Bytes             Files

Type       ID    Volume    Tree  Used      Limit     Used    Limit   Quota Specifier

----- -------- -------- -------- --------- --------- ------- ------- ---------------

tree         1 nfs_volumename qtreename    511976    512000       4       - /vol/nfs_volumename/qtreename

So i've filled the qtree. Quota works i cant write in qtree anymore. But i want a Alarm Email via DFM/OpsMgr for this qtree when threshold (in this case 250M) is reached and when qtree is full. But nothing happens in DFM; not warning in the Webgui and not Emailalarm (other alarms of DFM working fine).

In DFM i have a "Notification Alarm" for "All" Events with Severity "Warning". This does not generate a alarm for the quota. So i've made a "Notification Alarm" for Event "User Disk Space Quota Full". This doesnt not generate any alarm at all regarding quota issues. Whats wrong? Does it has something to do with the fact that i have a qtree quota? I dont find any Events "qtree disk quota full"...only the "user disk space quota..." events in DFM for configure.

When i check the volume regarding dfm thresholds options:

C:\Users\Administrator>dfm volume get vfilernfs:/nfs_volumename



Volume Full Threshold (%): 90

Volume Nearly Full Threshold (%): 85

Volume Full Threshold Interval: 00:00:00

Enable User Quota Alerts, not available for vserver volumes: yes

User Quota Full Threshold (%), not available for vserver volumes: 90

User Quota Nearly Full Threshold (%), not available for vserver volumes: 80

Volume Snap Reserve Full Threshold(%): 90

Volume Nearly No First Snapshot Threshold(%), not available for vserver volumes: 80

Volume No First Snapshot Threshold(%), not available for vserver volumes: 90

Volume Space Reserve Nearly Depleted Threshold(%): 80

Volume Space Reserve Depleted Threshold(%): 90

Volume Growth Event Minimum Change (%): 1

Volume Quota Nearly Overcommitted Threshold (%): 95

Volume Quota Overcommitted Threshold (%): 100

Volume Snapshot Count Threshold: 250

Volume Too Old Snapshot Threshold : 52 weeks

Volume Nearly Over Deduplicated Threshold (%): 140

Volume Over Deduplicated Threshold (%): 150

What means "not available for vserver volumes" in this context (see bold written). Is "vserver" a "vfiler"?....my volume with quota is located inside a separate vfiler and not in vfiler0....

How can i configure Email alarms for qtree quotas full and reaching threshold (thold) level?

Best Regards


Re: Quota Status alarming via DFM/OpsMgr

Check if DFM knows about your vFiler - home -> member details -> Virtual systems?  Had a similar issue - DFM knew about the volume and qtree, but for some reason hadn't discovered the owning vfiler.

Not sure if that's it but worth a shot!


Re: Quota Status alarming via DFM/OpsMgr

Thanks for advice. But I've seen today that the Alarms via DFM are now coming for the overused qtree quota. It was triggered late in the evening. It looks like it needs a few hours for this alarm event to notify. It took about 3-4 hours until it triggered the dfm alarm ("Qtree almost full" Event). Other "standard" DFM Eventalarms (ex. Volume Growth) doesnt show that "alarm latency" and are usually coming immediatly.

But i can live with that "alarm latency" for this event for now.

Best Regards + Thanks


Re: Quota Status alarming via DFM/OpsMgr

Looking at it here, it checks qtrees every 8 hours by default, as opposed to 15 mins for volumes.  I suppose it depends how many qtrees you have, but you could increase the monitoring frequency under Setup -> Options -> Monitoring -> Qtree Monitoring Interval

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Re: Quota Status alarming via DFM/OpsMgr

Thanks. yes, my intervall was also at 8 hours. I have 50,60 qtrees. Have set it to set it to 4 hours.  Should work now.

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