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Quotas not working


Hi Guys, 


We would like to setup quotas directly on CIFS volume without creating any qtrees. First, is that possible ? 

It's not a user or group quotas, it's just a quotas on an entire 20TB CIFS volume. 


I tried to create a quota tree and select all the volume and set an hard quota of 20TB, so it should applies on the logical size right ? With deduplication it appears that the logical size is more than 20TB (physical 15TB). 


The quota report is showing nothing, 0KB used of 20TB. Any idea ? 




If you have 20TB, why do you want to put a quotas ?

without users or groups ?

Stupid question have turn on the quotas ?

What is your DOT version ? 7 or Ontap ?



Thanks for your reply. 


Because that CIFS volume is accessed by our customer and he's only authorized to have 20TB in logical space used. However, he's using more than that with deduplication. 

We applied the "is-space-logical-reporting" option to the volume so that from the client view (windows OS), he can check how much logical space is used. 


Now, we want to be sure that 20 TB in logical space used won't be exceed. But don't really know the type of quotas that is needed on that situation. The volume and the CIFS share is dedicated to the customer without any qtrees. 


We just want to limit the logical space used directly on the volume.


CDOT version : 9.7P8