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REST API - Set a Threeshold - HTTP ERROR


Hi guys,

we want to set a threeshold option on our quota.

When we set this option via the private API, we receive a HTTP 500 Response back.


The Threeshold-Option is set, but for our automation we got the problem with the Response Code.

Maybe someone has got the right call, we use this one:




Request Body:

  "threshold": 8000000

Response :

Return Code: 500 Internal Server Error

JSON Body{
"num_records": 1,
"error": {
"message": "Loop detected in next() for table quota_rules_ui_table. Next on \"<SVM> default <VOLUME> tree /vol/<VOLUME>/<QTREE> \" returned \"<QTREE> default <VOLUME> tree /vol/<VOLUME>/<QTREE> \".",
"code": "262146"


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