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Recommendation for Link Aggregation with iSCSI


I'm using a FAS6240 with iSCSI only, connecting to a Cisco Nexus 7000 series switch.  A few questions:


-How many cables should iSCSI use from the array to the switch, 2 or 4?

-What link aggregation should I use form the array to the switch, LACP?

-How many IP addresses should be used on the array for iSCSI connections - 1 or 2?


Re: Recommendation for Link Aggregation with iSCSI


Personally not a big fan of Link aggregation, normally i would use MPIO for this, takes out any issues with aggreagting NICS and swtich ports to make this work.


then i look at why i'm doing this, for performance or resillience, if resilliences, multiple connections into multiple switches at both host and controller end, so i can survive device failures across mutliple devices (Server NIC, Switch, Controller NIC) without service interruption.


Don't know if that helps, but that would be the way i'd do that normally.

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