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Recovery of an faulty ONTAP Select node


Have an interesting issue regarding recovery of an faulty ONTAP Select node.


The issue is that we have an Ontap Select node where the root aggregate is corrupt after a reboot, if we execute the wafliron on the aggregate, it fails with “no valid checkpoint” and therefore the select node is not able to boot.

We have tried the “normal ONTAP way” to recover an faulty node, but the data aggregate is still foreign, and we are therefore not able to access the data.

So I want to get in touch with an ONTAP Select expert there can tell me if it is (and how) to recover from this situation. (Other than restore data from backup, which can take several days.)




Hi - this is probably better suited posed to the KX boards - but ping @RyanUrice if you're still having problems



I would recommend to get a Support case open. There are a few different ways we may have to go to recover this. Can you provide me with the ONTAP Select Serial Number?



we need to document this process for our DR plan, that is also a part of the needed tests, so is there a small description availible for persons with MetroCluster Skills ?

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