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ONTAP Discussions

Registry in cdot

How can we do this in cdot ?

# config dump -f -v [filename]
# options admin.config.list /etc/registry.default,/etc/registry.local


Those commands are not supported.  Instead, use 'system configuration backup' in the advanced priviledge level.


cdot::system configuration backup*> ?
  copy                        *Copy a configuration backup
  create                      *Create a configuration backup
  delete                      *Delete a configuration backup
  download                    *Download a configuration backup
  rename                      *Rename a configuration backup
  settings>                   *The settings directory
  show                        *Show configuration backup information
  upload                      *Upload a configuration backup

cdot::system configuration backup*> 


Also see the section titled "Backing up and restoring cluster configurations (cluster administrators only)" in the system administration guide.

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I need to know the default directory of these system configurations backup, where its exactly saved it , How can we export default system configuration backup file and from where .


I can see only schedule   .






They are saved in the node's mroot under etc/backups, but you don't actually need to know that.  They can be uploaded or downloaded from the cluster shell cli, or configured to be uploaded automatically.


Use the upload command to upload an individual backup to an ftp server from the cluster:


Cluster1::system configuration backup*> upload -node Cluster1-01 -backup Cluster1.daily.2016-11-20.00_10_00.7z -destination

Enter the username: ftpuser

Enter the password: 
Uploading the configuration backup file.



Or you can setup routine backups to go to an ftp server :


Cluster1::system configuration backup*> modify -?                                                       
  (system configuration backup settings modify)
  [[-destination] <text>]     *Backup Destination URL
  [ -username <text> ]        *Username for Destination
  [ -numbackups1 {1..4} ]     *Number of Backups to Keep for Schedule 1
  [ -numbackups2 {1..4} ]     *Number of Backups to Keep for Schedule 2
  [ -numbackups3 {1..4} ]     *Number of Backups to Keep for Schedule 3

Cluster1::*> system configuration backup settings modify -destination ftp://www.example.com/config/uploads/ -username admin


In single node cluster it is important to configre backups, since there is only one node.  In a multi-node cluster each node has a copy of the backups, but you still have the ability to configure them to go to an ftp server.  






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