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Remove Reporting Nodes


A year ago, I engaged in a very helpful discussion with bobshouseofcards regarding adding reporting nodes:




Now I'm in the opposite situation. We are temporarily adding a fifth and sixth node to the cluster, migrating content to those nodes, and then decommissioning two of the original nodes. I will add nodes 5 and 6 as reporting nodes before moving volumes containing LUNs to those nodes, but afterwards I want to cleanly remove nodes 1 and 2 as being reporting nodes, but keeping nodes 3, 4, 5, and 6.


In my reading of the lun mapping remove-reporting-nodes command, it appears to be very limited compared to add-reporting-nodes. There doesn't appear to be any way to identify which nodes you want to remove.


The "-remove-nodes" option description reads: "If specified, remove all nodes other than the LUN's owner and HA partner from the LUN mapping's reporting nodes." That's not what I want, but I see no other option to determine which nodes to remove. Also, what happens if this option is not specified? Which nodes are removed? Any help would be appreciated!


Re: Remove Reporting Nodes


One additional detail:


i tested creating a LUN and adding all 4 current nodes as reporting nodes, then ran the "remove-reporting-nodes" command with -remote-nodes set to "false" to see what would happen. i got the following. Looks like "remote-nodes" isn't an option, it's a requirement!



Error: command failed: "false" is an invalid value for field "-remote-nodes <true>"


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