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Remove Reporting Nodes


A year ago, I engaged in a very helpful discussion with bobshouseofcards regarding adding reporting nodes:




Now I'm in the opposite situation. We are temporarily adding a fifth and sixth node to the cluster, migrating content to those nodes, and then decommissioning two of the original nodes. I will add nodes 5 and 6 as reporting nodes before moving volumes containing LUNs to those nodes, but afterwards I want to cleanly remove nodes 1 and 2 as being reporting nodes, but keeping nodes 3, 4, 5, and 6.


In my reading of the lun mapping remove-reporting-nodes command, it appears to be very limited compared to add-reporting-nodes. There doesn't appear to be any way to identify which nodes you want to remove.


The "-remove-nodes" option description reads: "If specified, remove all nodes other than the LUN's owner and HA partner from the LUN mapping's reporting nodes." That's not what I want, but I see no other option to determine which nodes to remove. Also, what happens if this option is not specified? Which nodes are removed? Any help would be appreciated!



One additional detail:


i tested creating a LUN and adding all 4 current nodes as reporting nodes, then ran the "remove-reporting-nodes" command with -remote-nodes set to "false" to see what would happen. i got the following. Looks like "remote-nodes" isn't an option, it's a requirement!



Error: command failed: "false" is an invalid value for field "-remote-nodes <true>"