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Remvoing port from broadcast domain and adding to different broadcast domain


I have a situation on my cdot configuration.


i have a ifgrps with vlan tagged with 48 . node1:a0c-48 and node2:a0c-48 and both has lifs created on top of them.


and node1:a0c-48 is in default broadcast domain and node2:a0c-48 was tried to added different broadcast domain and looks it failed with error "error: Cannot change the MTU of a VLAN to be greater than the MTU of the base port hosting it."


Hence our two vlan names node1:a0c-48 and node2:a0c-48 are in placed in appropriate manner. and I cant correct it as it has lifs and nas paths using this.



Pls find be the best posible solution.


If i leave it as it is what would i miss?






the "different broadcast domain" you have there is set with higher MTU then at least one of the ports that participate in the ifgrp a0c on node2 or the a0c itself .


The NetApp wording is a bit confusing. as for user fronting VLAN, LIF don't have MTU....



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As said LIF doesnt has MTU but the ports in the Ifgrp is.



so the utlimate question...


node 1=>  ports e0a,e0b => MTU 1500=> ifgrp a0c => Default brocast domain  => vlan - a0c-48 =>LIF created => failovergroup(default)

node 2=>  ports e0a,e0b => MTU 9000=> ifgrp a0c => User defined broadcast domain => vlan - a0c-48 =>LIF created  => failovergroup(default)


so what will i miss if i leave this misconfigured ports(lifs) in same failovergroup..dont failover...failover with issues....network outages for NAS shares connected these lifs etcc etc..??