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Reporting on configuration.....



OnTap 8.3.1 c-mode

OC 3.1.2

OCUM 6.4 P1

OCPM 2.0 RC1


I've seen countless results from google about grafana and OCUM and OCPM that can report on capacity, performance etc... we have those in place.  What i really would like to find is a report that tells me how my controllers are configured.  does this exist?


Here's why and here's an example:


A few months back we got burned because our snaps and snapmirror protection wasn;t doing what we originally configured it to do.  We were left with only 2 days of snaps to fall back to instead of months... not sure why or how this setting changed.  i never found root cause, it could've been someone here thats not admitting it. 


Now every few weeks I login to our controllers and verify that everything is still configured to how we want it.  Isn;t there some kind of tool that reports on the CONFIGURATION of our controllers that I could subscribe to?



Thanks all





I agree, we miss the functionality of the older DFM where it created backups of the configuration and you could run comparisons to see what had changed.  Doing this manually is not really an option, and is subject to the risk to missing something still.  The logs for command history and audit contain so much more than what is needed, what we need is a change history report.