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Requesting your videos and photos to help create system installation videos for YouTube

Customer Success Operations (CSOps) Enablement is creating videos for the NetApp YouTube channel demonstrating system installation and maintenance procedures. The purpose of the videos is to supplement classroom training and documentation for NetApp employees, our partners and resellers, and DIY customers.  Rather than create all the content in-house, we want to make this a community project to showcase your work.

Here are the videos we are considering creating and posting by the end of April.  As much as possible, each video will cover old and new hardware and procedures in 7-Mode and Clustered ONTAP. Any photos, videos or screen captures you have for these are welcome.  Bulleted items are the content we are especially in need of.

Basic Installation

  1. Unpacking and inventorying components
    • Video of removing/reinserting the plastic retention clips in disk shelf boxes
    • Copy/photo of the Packing List/Bill of Materials (please get permission from the customer to send it)

   2. Installing I/O Expansion cards

   3. Assembling and Installing Universal Rail Kits

   4. Installing storage controllers and shelves into third-party cabinets

   5. Setting shelf IDs (SAS and DS14 shelves)

   6. Shelf-to Shelf Cabling

    • Video/photos of SAS shelf-to-shelf cabling (and cable management techniques if you used the default 2.5 meter SAS cables)

   7. ACP cabling

    • Videos/photos of cabling and HA pair to multiple SAS shelves and multiple stacks

   8. MPHA cabling

    • Videos/photos of cabling at least two stacks composed of multiple SAS shelves and associated cable management (bonus points for using the cable labels from the binder shipped with a cluster)

   9.  Configuring e0M and Service Processor

    • Screen capture of console session configuring e0M and SP on a 7-Mode system

Cluster Systems

  1. Installing and cabling CN1601 and CN1610 cluster switches
  2. Cabling and configuring a Two-Node Switchless Cluster

System Expansion

  1. Hot-adding a disk shelf
    • Video of SAS shelf hot-add procedure

System Maintenance

  1. Preventive Maintenance Best Practices
    • Particularly interested in best practices developed by on-site engineers and by storage admins
  1. Replacing a failed disk drive
  2. Replacing a failed shelf I/O module
  3. Replacing a failed Power Supply Unit (storage controller and disk shelf)

All comments and suggestions on this, or future, content are welcome.

Please contact Michael Cope (mcope@netapp.com) for questions or to submit content.


Re: Requesting your videos and photos to help create system installation videos for YouTube

Very good. For cDot unpacking the process of finding and moving the right Sfp. The CN160 finisar or avago are usually half in a bag and the other half in the c0a/c0b cluster interfaces. Then the intel for x1117 may be elsewhere too. Which type of Sfp and where they go would be good since it is a common issue we remediate

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Re: Requesting your videos and photos to help create system installation videos for YouTube

Good point Scott. The 3 or 4 different SFPs that ship with cluster systems is a pain to figure out.  Almost need a separate video just on the SFPs.  Hopefully, I can grab photos and info from Hardware Universe and create some slides pointing out which go where.

Re: Requesting your videos and photos to help create system installation videos for YouTube

That would be great. Knowing that the factory may / will install the Sfp in the wrong a interface is the key thing to note. Always pull all a sfps and confirm correct. Every 3200 had the finisar or avago switch sfp in the c0a and c0b cluster ports. Which makes it safer for shipping and less likely to get lost. But always pull them out and reinsert to the right interface. And if it was correct not a bad idea to reseat them after shipping

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