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Resizing Raid groups.


Good afternoon.
Sorry for my bad english.
Recently updated to version netapp 8.1.4P7
Now you can add more disks to the unit by placing it in the 64 bit version.
Set the parameters raid size = 20
Add all drives (of 40 pcs. Work), hoping that the unit has received 2 raid groups of 20 drives, but:
turned aggr0 rg0 - 14 drives, rg1 -20 drives, rg2 - 6 drives.
You can combine any way rg0 and rg2 in one group without losing data?



Unfortunately you can't remove disks from an aggregate - or move them between raid groups. You can add new spare disks to an existing raid group. When you change the size of the raid group in an aggregate, existing raid groups can now be grown to that size but the raid group would have to manually specified in the aggr add command to get the new disks. All newly created raid groups in that aggregate will have the new size.

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