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Restore a volume from an existing snapshot.


input parameters--- vfiler name(dropdown),volume name(dropdown),qtree name(dropdown),folder name(dropdown),snapshot name(dropdown).


output parameters--- volume name, snapshot name



Hi Intellect,


Can you elaborate the concern that your facing?  Refer the Data Protection Online Backup and Recovery Guide and Best Practices Guide for more information. 


hope this helps. 


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I have to create a workflow automation (wfa) in oncommand workflow automation which does following ......

Restore a volume from an existing snapshot

in which the input parameter's are as follows....


vFiler Name (select from dropdown)

Volume Name (select from dropdown)

Qtree name (select from dropdown)

Folder name (select from dropdown)

Snapshot Name (select from dropdown)


output parameter's


volume name

snapshot name



This is my requirement that i need to do...can you suggest me the planning of this workflow.