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Restoring a LUN from a snapvaulted volume?


I have customers using iSCSI luns on our primary system and have a few local snapshots on that volumes taken each night. I also backup the volume with snapvault to a secondary system where I keep snapshots for a longer retention time.

Now, one customer has destroyed a file in his LUN and needs a restore. I must restore the LUN to a parallell location for him to mount and pick the file to replace it.

I first tried with on of the local snapshots on the primary system with snap restore, but the customer said that the file still was crap, so I need to go back further in the retention which means that I have to read the LUN from the snapvault backup...

How do I do that?

The best I could do was like this:

selina001-v1@selina001> snapvault restore -s sv_weekly.1 -S selina003-v1:/vol/volib0101/luns/eselimw008 selina001-v1:/vol/voli0101/lun_restore/eselimw008
Invalid path: /vol/voli0101/lun_restore/eselimw008
This command is available only on a snapvault primary.
snapvault restore [-r] [-f] [-w] [-s <snapname>] [-k <n>] -S <secondary_filer>:<secondary_path> [<primary_filer>:]<primary_path>

Any suggestions?


/ Olle Ramsberg


Re: Restoring a LUN from a snapvaulted volume?

There is no need to execute a "snapvault restore" to restore the LUN to primary storage. Instead use the "lun clone create" on the snapvault destination volume to create a temporary copy of the LUN. You can specify on which snapvault destination snapshot you can to base the clone.

You can then connect the LUN on the backup filer to a host and copy out data. Don't forget to disconnect the LUN and destroy the clone.

Check out the KB!
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