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Restoring a LUN from with a Volume for 8.2.5 7-Mode



Have only been here a couple of months and have run into an area that I am not sure about proceeding with.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I have four ESXI luns, that are within a single volume, that is being snapmirrored.  One of the ESXI's has gone bad and the VMware admin needs for me to re-establish one of the ESXI luns.

How can I go about restoring only the one lun from the volume that is being snapmirrored without writing over the other ther luns?

This is one of the areas that I pointed out that needed to be adjusted, but have not received approval yet.  Can someone please assist with the steps for this either via CLI or OnCommand.

Thanks in advance.




You should just be able to create a clone of the volume and re-map out just the lun you need.    




Take this opertunity to break the lun out to it's own volume too.   


Is it VSM or QSM? If QSM, are all LUNs in the same qtree or each in own one?

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