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Reuse netapp tray 7 mode DS4246 to storage FAS2750A




We currently have a CDOT FAS2750A storage with a DS212C tray.


We also have a 7Mode FAS 2040A storage that has a DS4246 tray connected and the storage is turned off, I don't know if it has an aggregate or several created.


What I would like is to be able to use the DS4246 tray in the FAS2750A storage, I currently have the IOM12  so I can add them to the DS4246 and cables.
What I don't know is what steps I have to take and how.


Do I have to format the DS4246 tray and for this I have to turn on the cabin 7 mode FAS2240A?

Can I add the IOM12 modules to the DS4246 tray and then wire to the end of the other DS212C tray, and then give disk?

I'm a bit lost, in what steps should I perform and what commands to use.






Thanks for your answer.

My question is step by step how to proceed exactly, from what I have been able to see in the links you have provided, would it be the following?


  1. To remove the tray from storage 7 mode, I will have to turn on the old cabinet and format the storage (I don't need any data)
  2. Remove owner from all disks
  3. Install the IOM12 modules in the tray
  4. Cabling with SAS cables, I currently have a double path in the CDOT booth with another tray, if I remove cable to cable I will not lose production, right?
  5. when finished, will i see the disks to create new aggregates

Am I missing a step? Is there a missing description of the steps I describe?

I need help in getting all this clear ...
Thanks a lot


Thank you very much Amador, the links you have provided me have served my purpose. Specifically, it has served me: How to repurpose physical storage  

In my case, I wanted to take advantage of a DS 4246 tray connected to a storage with SO 7-mode, and contributing my grain of sand for whoever can serve it, what I did was the following:

  1. I have connected through the cli to the storage, and in that tray I had created an aggr, what I have done has been to put the volumes offline.
  2. Deleted volumes.
  3. Offline aggr.
  4. Delete aggr
  5. remove ownership of the disks that belong to the tray, and then check with> disk show -s that they appear as not owner
  6. Power off shelf.
  7. Change IOM 12 in that tray, put compatible for CDOT storage
  8. Add the tray, connecting it to the last tray that had the CDOT storage. I have cambled according to the CDOT booths configuration manual with trays
  9. Power on shelf, if the array is automatically configured to auto-allocate disks, it will allocate half the disks to one controller and the other half to the other controller.
  10. Create new aggr, create volumes..

The commands are found in the link provided by the user Amador.  How to repurpose physical storage 


I hope this is useful for someone who has the same doubt.