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SBTTEST Failing in snapshot_space_chk_rman Error 111 Can't connect to host


We are trying to get the RMAN MML working, I have followed the installation instructions and the LD and LLD on the libobk.so return the correct results.

Trying the sbttest utility we get down to the “sbtinit: proxy copy is supported” which is followed by “Unexpected Error 111: Can’t connect to host (err=111).”.

Sbttest then carries on and gets to “—proxy_backup starts………” this, again, is followed by “snapshot_space_chk_rman : Error 111: Can’t connect to host (err=111).”.

Trying a RMAN backup the same error is seen in sbtio.log…

SBT-16424 01/22/15 08:52:22 snapshot_space_chk_rman: Error 111: Can’t connect to host (err=111).

The user we have been given can connect to the filer that the volumes are mounted from.





We see the same error like you.. Do you have found a Solution Meanwhile?


The sbt function pointers are loaded from /data/oracle/dgpoc/product/ library.
-- sbtinit succeeded
-- sbtinit (2nd time) succeeded
sbtinit: vendor description string=WARNING: Oracle Test Disk API
sbtinit: Media manager is version
sbtinit: Media manager supports SBT API version 2.0
sbtinit: allocated sbt context area of 31536 bytes
sbtinit: proxy copy is supported
Unexpected Error 111: Can't connect to host (err=111).
-- sbtinit2 succeeded
-- sbtcommand succeeded
-- proxy_backup starts ................................
snapshot_space_chk_rman: Error 111: Can't connect to host (err=111).




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