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SME 6.0.4 Exchange 2010 DAG

Hi,  we have two 2010 Exchange Servers in a DAG. One of the servers is virtual, running on VMware ESX. SD 6.4.1 and SME are installed on both servers.

We have configured SME on the physical server and created a backup job selecting the dbs on the physical server and used naming convention _generic. I noticed that the snapshots on the phyiscal dbs are correctly created, but the ones on the virtual server are not using the _generic convention. Is this correct?

Also it doesn't seem to be possible to run the verify on the virtual server. We always get the very special error:

Thu Nov  8 10:44:21 CET [gedasan01: app.log.err:error]: GEDASPW05: SME Version 6.0.2: (131) General: Verification of the Exchange databases failed.  (Exchange Verification failed. Error code: 0xc0041033, LUN: E:\mountpoints\GE-MBX-DB-002\

Running the verify on the physical server works fine.




Re: SME 6.0.4 Exchange 2010 DAG


I have now switched to the physical server for verify, this seems to work ok. I noticed the following error on the virtual one:

[GEDASVW05] Exchange Server []

[GEDASPW05] [GEDASVW05] The SMVI Server is not configured.

(SnapDrive Error Code: 0xc0041065)

[GEDASPW05] [GEDASVW05] Error Code: 0x80040154

Class not registered

SnapDrive is properly configured and connection to Vcenter is established.

Re: SME 6.0.4 Exchange 2010 DAG

any resolution to this?

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