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SNMP equivalent OID with health command




I have a nettapp clouster moniotried using observium, this checker written in perl and some snmp extra checks.


I would like to know if there is an OID that returns system status equivalent to the following command:


system health status show



Command is defined in the offical docs


I have also search in OID docs from Netapp status:



Does anyone know if the OID I am looking for exists?


Thank you



Honestly, the work I have done using SNMP...don't waste too much time.

To see what I mean, get a hold of the actual NetApp MIB file. Then do an SNMPwalk. You will find out very quickly the snmpwalk does not get all the supposedly available OIDs.


A lot of the OIDs worked under 7-mode and likley still work with 7-mode. Since the cluster is no longer a single node, many of those objects did not translate well.


Hope that helps a little.


ONTAP does a very good job with SNMP alerting (pushing) but I found the let of getting info through SNMP less than steller.


I assume snmp is not the right way for monitoring system health status.


What would be a better option in order to monitor system health status remotely?


Thank you


Try this




Syslog/email/snmp alerts


 you can probably query a handful of OIDs but just a fair warning to not expect too much. If set up properly, the alerting system works very well. 

plus if something happens, it will alert right away instead of you querying after something  has already happened