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SVM DR: Failed to reactivate the SVM. Reason: undefined


Hi All,


I'm at a stump. I'm playing around with SVM DR as I want to implement it for DRP but its giving me an issue when trying to go back to the Source SVM and sadly it gives me a Reason Undefined error when doing it via System Manager.




Strange thing is when I run the process manually via CLI it works.



Do you guys know how I can find out what exactly that Reason Undefined message means?


Both clusters are on 9.6P8, volume is unencrypted, first two times I tried volume efficiency was on and inline too.






can you see any info in the logs or jobs?

job show -fields *
event log show


Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


Event log show displays nothing for today/right after i try to reactivate source SVM and "job show " results are in attached log file.


NOTE: Well as I was writing above response it hit me, I see a line that says "unclaimed admin" so it occurred to me maybe the issue is with my domain admin account so I tried the local cluster admin and surprise, I couldn't log in (I think maybe my HQ changed the password without notifying me)


Anyways so I changed the local admin password and logged in with that account and voila! SVM DR is now working. Now maybe I missed it in documentation but does SVM DR only work using local admin account?