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SVM DR Fan Out in 9.6



Has anyone successfully configured an SVM DR Fan-Out configuration?  According to this document https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1075580/~/can-svm-dr-be-used-in-a-fan-out-configuration%3F- it is supported since 9.4 but I'm getting the error when trying to setup the second relationship that the source Vsevere is already in a DR relationship.




Re: SVM DR Fan Out in 9.6


Hmm, did you create both fan-out relations with identity-preserve true?

cause if yes then it is not supported



Starting with ONTAP 9.4, fan-out. You can fan-out to two destinations only.

By default, only one -identity-preserve true relationship is allowed per source SVM.


And thank you for mentioning KB - we will update it 

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Re: SVM DR Fan Out in 9.6


@sergey : Good catch, I see the bit 'identity-preserve ' is covered in the release notes for 9.4 but KB needs update.


Can this also be updated or made clear ?
The KB example shows - Two separate Clusters for SVM DR fan-out from source: cluster-a, i.e  To cluster-b & cluster-c. However, fan-out could be 2 destinations SVM on the same cluster-b as well ? Or, it has to be two separate clusters. hmm.. !



Re: SVM DR Fan Out in 9.6


quckly checked in a lab 

it is not possbile to have 2 SVM DR relatiosnhips from the same source to only one destination cluster


Error: command failed: Source Vserver "data" is already in a Vserver DR relationship with another
Vserver in this cluster.


which make sense

Re: SVM DR Fan Out in 9.6


Sorry for the delayed response.

Thanks for your response. I just question whether this is truly SVM-DR Fanout?


I see the KB updated. Great thanks.



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