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SVM Disaster Recovery (and iscsi....)


I've been going through the SVM Disaster Recovery Preparation Express Guide and I'm getting a little confused when it comed to whether we can use


-identity-preserve true


when we have iscsi as well as NFS & CIFS being served from the source SVM.


In the section on deciding whether to replicate SVM network config (and NFS & CIFS config too by the way!) one section says that you can use identity preservation (true) if the source SVN is NOT configured for SAN access  (I'm assuming that iscsi is lumped in with SAN)


and then it says that you can use identity preservation (false) if the source SVM is configure ONLY for SAN


Which leaves it a bit open with regards to SVMs that do NFS, CIFS, and iscsi



And then in the network config it says:  If you chose to set the identity-preserve option to false or if the source SVM has SAN <you must set up the network> - 

or more specifically:  You must configure the SAN network and protocols if the source SVM is configured for SAN protocols because SAN network configuration is not replicated.

Which is sort of understandable as iscsi LIFs are not migratable, so needing to set up iscsi LIFs on the destination is not unreasonable....


But - this seems to leave it open that we could use the -identity-preserve true , and preserve all the CIFS and NFS config, but would have to configure the iscsi manually (LIFs before hand, but igroups etc. after a DR takeover?)

Which would be perfectly acceptable!


Has anyone else done a SVM DR with NAS and SAN protocols?


Or has anyone seen doco i've missed?


Thanks in advance,



(We're on clustered DataONTAP 8.3.1)



Hi Stuart

the problem in your environment is the SVM because is not a best practice have a single SVM with NAS and SAN protocol.


The best way is to use two SVM one with identity preserve enable and the other disabled.