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SVM Root Volume on SAN SVM


I have read in the "SVM Root Volume Protection Express Guide" on page 4 that "SAN client connections (FC, FCoE, or iSCSI) do not depend on the SVM root volume". If that is true, is there any reason to protect the root volume for a totally SAN-based SVM? If there is an issue with the root volume on a SAN SVM, what are the consequences and how would you restore, if you didn't have root volume protection in place?



I agree it's critical, I just wonder if I need to add to my snapmirror traffic by mirroring the root volume of SAN-based SVMs.


I have the same doubt, I created the LS mirrors at the end, just in case. As aborzenkov stated, the SVM need this volume to start.


I do not think you can start SVM if root volume is not available.

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