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Setting NTFS DACLS using Cluster CLI


On my OnTap 9.3 cluster I have a large CIFS estate with many files in many shares and deep nesting of folders. I have +1m files and +50000 folders. I need to add some NTFS permissions at the root DACL of the share CIFS volume. Doing this over CIFS using windows file explorer or compmgmt.msc is taking days. Is there any CLI option that I could leverage to set these permissions directly against the filesystem from the cluter CLI or the like? Doing to over CIFS is just very slow. I seem to remember in 7-mode some CLI options for this but not familiar with C-Mode options. 


Re: Setting NTFS DACLS using Cluster CLI


You should be able to use the below commands set to change NTFS permissions from CLI.

> vserver security file-directory 
> vserver security file-directory ntfs 

vserver security file-directory commands

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Re: Setting NTFS DACLS using Cluster CLI


Thanks for taking the time out to reply. Much appreciated 😁.

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