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Snap Restore for Folders


Our company recently adopted the NetApp filer and I am creating DR documentation. I have been able to understand everything about snap restore except the -t file option. We have a CIFS setup and I am able to restore a complete volume or a single file but I can not restore a single folder. I keep getting an "inappropriate file type or format" error. I just want to know if restoring a folder is possible using the snap restore command. The command I am using is below for Data OnTap 8.2.1.RC1.

snap restore -t file -s nightly.2 /vol/maps/region3/folder1


Re: Snap Restore for Folders


Glenn -

Snap restore is by volume or file.

To restore a directory you could clone the volume from a snapshot, and then copy the directory back from the clone.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

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Re: Snap Restore for Folders



     Thanks for the confirmation. That was my suspicion when the documentation mentioned restoring files and folders but the syntax only supported files or volumes.

Re: Snap Restore for Folders


use ndmpcopy from snapshots


enable ndmp then "ndmpcopy /vol/volname/.snapshot/snapshotname/path  /vol/volname/targetpath"

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