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Snap vault Schedule is missing from dfm

Hello Experts,

I am facing a issue in Snap vault. Back up is not updating  properly. Please help me out to solve this.

Our SnapVault are configured threw DFM and dfm schedules are missing for almost all the backups. We manually add the schedules in DFM, It works for two days and again the same issue as previous.

DFM Version  :  5.0.2P1

Windows Machine  : 2003 Server  on which DFM is installed.

NetApp Version : 8.1.4P1 7-mode

Thank you.



Re: Snap vault Schedule is missing from dfm

Addind to it..  When we manually update using snapmirror update command. It shows lag time correctly , But not creates any snapshot on destination.

Kindly put your suggestion on the issue. ..

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