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SnapCenter Network Port requirements Clarification


I am working on the implementation of SnapCenter in a segmented network with secuirty controlled boundaries and therefore need to be really clear on the ports and protocols that need to be opened between the different SnapCentre elements for it to operate.


I have the Snapcentre install guide and have reviewed as much informationonline  as possible but have a couple of things I need to clarify and hope the community can help.


1: Install guide infers that the Windows PLug-in requires direct access to the Vcentre server over 443. is this correct?  Seems strange when we have a Vsphere plugin to communicate with Vcentre, and Vmware tools installed. 


2: The install guide also states in the requirements for the Windows plug- in that "The communication path needs to be open between the SVM management LIF and the SnapCenter Server.". is this just a comment or a requirement for the windows plugin to be able to communicate withe SVM managment LIF if so on what ports?


Appreciate any guidance/clarifications




Hi Bobalon,


The ports for communication between SC server and plugin host is provided in this link --