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SnapMirror 32-bit vol (32-bit agr) to 64-bit aggr


Hi Guys,


I have read this will work, but want confirmaton from the folks who have done it recently.


Problem statement : I just want to move 'one' volume from 32-bit aggr to 64-bit aggr with in the  same 7-mode controller. Basically, from EOL shelf to supproted shelf.  I don't want to do in-place aggr-64 upgrade, as there are 500 volumes, which are no longer required.



1. VSM from 32-bit to 64-bit aggr

This will create 32-bit vol in 64 bit aggr due to VSM.

2. Final update

3. Break SnapMirror = Once broken-off, 32-bit vol should autoamtically become 64 bit.


Is that a correct statement ? and would the shares be available immediately to the users, considering that it's with the same controller and the volume wil be renamed to original.







Re: SnapMirror 32-bit vol (32-bit agr) to 64-bit aggr


Yes, SnapMirror will work as described. Paths used in shares may be renamed automatically once you rename source volume, so you will need to manually change them. In case on NFS any existing export will continue to refer to original volume even if it is renamed,  you will need to re-export. Likely similar with CIFS.

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Re: SnapMirror 32-bit vol (32-bit agr) to 64-bit aggr


Thanks for the super quick reply.


Just a bit confusion here, regarding re-naming of the volume.

1. Before the final cut-over, we terminate cifs sessions [downtime].
2. Break the mirror, so the destination vol becomes read/write.
3. We offline source volume
4. We rename destination volume to -source volume name
5. start cifs shares.

Will the different shares under different qtrees (in the same vol) will need to re-created ?


Re: SnapMirror 32-bit vol (32-bit agr) to 64-bit aggr


I think that if CIFS is terminated, shares should not be affected. But I do not have much first hand experience with CIFS, hopefully someone can chime in.

Re: SnapMirror 32-bit vol (32-bit agr) to 64-bit aggr


Thanks aborzenkov for that information. Very helpful. Yesterday on my simulator I tried to do 2 scenarios:

1. Withouth terminating CIFS: As you rightly said - Moment I offlined & renamed the 'source' volume all the shares path got renamed to share_old.
2. With CIFS terminated : I offlined & renamed the source volume to share_old and then renamed the destination volume from share_SM to 'share'. When I restarted CIFS, it worked as it was before. No change needed.


So the summary is :

1. If CIFS can be terminated [Ofcourse this affect all the shares/users] : Just renaming will do the job.
2. If CIFS cannot be terminated : Manually Re-name path of the shares. [Unless volume itself is deleted]


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