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SnapMirror Destination volume size




I have source volume 5 TB size, 3TB are Data Space and 2 TB are Snap Space. I would like to create a Destination Volume, let assume that it doesn't have any Snap on the destination. Can Destination volume be at Size of 3 TB like the Source Data Space or it must be the same full Size of the Source, 5 TB?


Many Thanks !




Hello Joel,


You can set the Autosize Mode parameter of Destination DP volume to grow_shrink.

Alongwith this, you can set Primary SPace Management Strategy to volume_grow


By setting these parameters the space will be managed automatically on Destination.




Thanks ,  In case that I do not want to use that Grow_Shrink option , can I set it to 3TB or it must be 5 TB?


You can set it to any value, but you have to keep on monitoring it frequently. The space usage at destination volume is totally dependent on the size of snapshot created at source.


For space optimization, its advisable to enable volume efficiency with compression and in-line compression at source.

Apart from this, you can also enable deduplication and in-line deduplication.




You are saying that "The space usage at destination volume is totally dependent on the size of snapshot created at source" , 

So in this case if the source total space is 5 TB the Destination also must be 5 TB  to contain the Data and Snap Space?


SnapMirror replicates data from a source volume or qtree to a partner destination volume or qtree, respectively, by using Snapshot copies.


The SnapMirror feature performs the following operations:

  1. Creates a Snapshot copy of the data on the source volume.
  2. Copies it to the destination, which can be a read-only volume or qtree.
  3. Updates the destination to reflect incremental changes on the source, as per the schedule you specify.


I would suggest to keep atleast the same space at destination which you have reserved for snapshot at source.

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