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SnapProtect auxiliary copy import

Hello Community,

I have 2 sites VM environment. The secondary site is snapvaulted from primary.

I already have an NetApp SMVI with sv_smvi script to transfer primary data to DR NetApp node.

Last week I implemented a new SnapProtect 10 with SP5B.

When I did setup all the backup jobs on the primary site I wanted  create an auxilary copy to vault data to DR site.

Unfortunately the DFM server wanted to provision a new volume on DR site and create a new copy.

Is there any workaround to make DFM server to use an existing snapvault relationship instead to create a new one,

because on the primary site there is about 26TB and the DR bandwidth  100Mbit/s




Re: SnapProtect auxiliary copy import

Hi Zoltan,

Importing existing relationships in v10 is not possible/supported.

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