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SnapVault Relationship has multiple destinations which currently is not supported?


Hi there


I have a setup with cDot 8.3 where the source volumes have two snapvault relationships to two different snapvault target clusters.


When trying to setup this in a Snapcreator configuration I get the error message: SCF-00077 SnapVault Relationship [cdot:volume] has multiple destinations which currently is not supported... 😞

Does anyone know it this can be tweaked somehow?


I'm currently trying to just do the snapshot on the source volume, and have SC label the snapshots with a snapmirror-label, and then have the two other clusters pull the update from the source volume.   This can be done with a schedule on the snapvault clusters, yet I would very much like to trigger this update as a part of my backup, as a post update command.


Can anyone give me some hints for this ?  Are we talking powershell-API, and can the API be executed on the SnapCreator server and not the agent server?


Any help is very welcome 🙂



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