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SnapVault replication baseline creation failed with SnapProtect to secondary DC




At a customer site with a 7-Mode MetroCluster in two data centers we have also two clusters in both DC's for backup (SvapVault). We are using SnapProtect 10 to make backup of the NFS data stores.


Virtual Storage Console is used to optimize VM (misalignment) and it will create temporary datastores with "optimize" in the name of the datastore. SnapProtect automatically make a backup of each new data store, also these "optimized" datastores. The difference between the other NFS datastores is that the "optimized" DS will be connected via the second NFS VLAN, a different one then the other production NFS datastores.


The starnge thing is that all the "optimized" datastore SnapVault relations that will be created are failing. The error we have in OnCommand Unified Manager or on the CLI of the NetApp filers is:

"the source could not execute the transfer".


Is there something we have to do about permissins in VSC for OnCommand to create the SnapVault relationship? Any ideas?


I hope someone can help 🙂





It looks like the snapvault initialize is mostly failing due to Source volume being vm-aligned. A vm-aligned volume created through VSC provides specific properties to a volume. In order to snapvault a vm-aligned volume, the vm-align properties on both the source and destination volumes may need to be the same. Try to use VSC 5.0 snapvault functionality as per the dcoumentation below:


You may have to log a ticket with NetApp Support for further analysis of the issue.



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